Cyber Security Penetration Tester Diploma

Cyber Security Penetration Tester Diploma
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 The emerged cyber threats in the past few years led to a significant demand for well-trained cyber professionals with proven knowledge and expertise in the different areas of cyber security. BlueKaizen designs and delivers a professional diploma in the Cyber Security Penetration Testing for individuals and organizations to meet their needs.

The Diploma offers 200 hours of comprehensive trainings and hands-on labs delivered through four months to provide professional experience in key areas of Cyber Penetration Testing.

who should attend

• University post-graduates and/or undergraduates who are looking for a solid program to learn about Cyber Penetration Testing

• IT professionals, network administrators, this is in addition to information security specialists and professionals who are seeking more depth in the area of penetration testing.

•Sectors benefiting from the program include government organizations, public, and private companies, banks and financial institutions, and any organization using information technology.


● Basic understanding of operating systems and networking principles

● Basic understanding of programming languages principles

Technical Outcome

● Conduct a full Network Security Pen. Test and Vulnerability Assessment

● Get needed experience to utilize different Penetration Tools like, but not limited to, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Samurai WTF, Burp suite, Wireshark and more

● Conduct tests on web-based applications and mobile applications on a professional basis

● Conduct regular security audits from both a logical/theoretical standpoint and a technical/hands-on stand

Program Timeline

Module 1 Information Security Fundamentals (36 hrs)

Module 2 Network Penetration Tester(40 hrs)

Module 3 Web Application Penetration Tester (40 hrs)

Module 4 Mastering Metasploit Framework (24 hrs)

Module 5 Mobile Application Penetration Tester (36 hrs)

Module 6 Advanced Penetration Tester (24 hrs)

Program Accreditation

Upon Successful completion of the diploma, a graduate will be awarded Bluekaizen Professional Diploma Certificate in Cyber Security Penetration Tester

Registration & Cancellation Terms

     Type                                          Deadline                                                  Amount

Standard                                    29th of June                                            26,500 EGP

Late Registration                      17th of July                                              29,500 EGP

  • Full Payment should be delivered before the professional diploma start date
  • Cancellations by registrants made more than 45 days before Diploma start date will not incur cancellation charges
  • Cancellations within 45 to 21 days of Diploma start date will incur a 50% cancellation fee, between 0 and 21 days will incur a 100% cancellation fee
  • Non appearance will incur a 100% non-appearance Fee


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